I’m an Economist at Instacart, where my work is focused on the intersection of economics, econometrics, and machine learning. I have a PhD in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania, where my research centered on the empirical study of marriage markets using equilibrium search & matching models. I’m also an Insight Data Science alum (Summer 2017, Silicon Valley).

During my PhD, I developed a Julia package, MarriageMarkets.jl, for solving equilibria of various marriage market models. I remain very interested in the Julia language, a powerful new scientific computing language which is poised to win over a large chunk of mindshare from Python / R / Matlab / Fortran / C++.

I’m an unabashed computer nerd with a strong preference for keyboard-driven interfaces (take note of the keyboard navigation on this website). My essentials are:

Check out my dotfiles to see how I configure them.

Naturally, I’m a bit of an ergonomic keyboard connoisseur. My daily driver is the Kinesis Advantage (modified with some O-rings to reduce travel on keys farther from the home row). My other keyboard is the Keyboardio Model-01. Both keyboards are a pleasure to type on.